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Get 1 Month free Web Hosting with free personalized email accounts with anti-spam and virus protection.

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Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding lets you automatically direct your website visitors to a different place on the web.

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Manage your domain name, renew your order and make the most of your purchase with our intuitive control panel.


DNS Management to manage DNS records

Manage your DNS records, email accounts, sub domains, aliases, FTP and more.


Domain Theft Protection

Enabling theft protection for your domain name will protect your domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission.

Email Forward

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding enables you to automatically forward/route all the incoming emails from an account to another chosen destination account.

What Would You Like To Know?

What is a domain name ?

A domain name enables your customers to access your website through the world wide web.

Why do I need a domain name ?

A domain name serves as a distinct identity on the word wide web. If you would like to promote yourself, take your business online, etc. a domain name is a must.

Is there a character limit for a domain name ?

Yes, the minimum character limit for a domain name is one and maximum 63 characters.

Is Privacy Protection worth it?

The contact information for all domain owners is available in the WHOIS directory. You can protect your personal information by opting for KdHost Domain Privacy Protection. We hide your information from public view by replacing it with ours, protecting you from spam and identity theft.